Some Memories Never Fade

The Confidential Listening and Assistance Service provides a forum for people who allege abuse or neglect, or have concerns about their time in State care in the health, child welfare or special education sector, before 1992.


The Confidential Listening and Assistance Service is now closed. People who have concerns about their treatment in the care of the State before 1992 in child welfare homes and foster placements, in psychiatric hospitals, school residences and in health camps are able to contact the agencies concerned directly.

For child welfare concerns:

Historic Claims

Ministry of Social Development

P.O.Box 1556


PH: 0508 326 459


For psychiatric hospital concerns:

The Chief Legal Advisor

Ministry of Health

P.O.Box 5013


PH: 04 496 2000


For  residential education concerns:

Historic Claims

Ministry of Education

P.O.Box 1666


PH: 0800 622 222


For Health Camp concerns:

The Chief Executive Officer

STAND for Children

P.O.Box 12547


PH: 04 472 0101


The Service is committed to meeting all of the participants who are currently registered with us before our closure in 2015.

What we do

You can talk to us if you have concerns about abuse, neglect or the way you were treated in State care before 1992. 

Our job is to listen, and where appropriate, to assist you to get further help.

A Panel, Chaired by Judge Carolyn Henwood travels to all major cities and towns in New Zealand to hear people's concerns.  A small team arranges the panel meetings and assistance, and administers the Service.


The Panelists

The Service is headed by Judge Carolyn Henwood, who chairs the panel.

Other panel members have been appointed on the basis of their expertise.  Normally the panel is made up of three people from the following panelists:


The Panel  

The 2012 panel of the Confidential Listening and Assistance Service.

From left to right (back): Paula Daye, Doug Hauraki, Malia Hamani, Mike Noonan (no longer serving), Winifred Jackson, Janice Donaldson 

From left to right (front): Robert Newson, Dr Barbara Disley, Judge Carolyn Henwood, Dr Ian Hassall.



Meetings with the panel will provide an opportunity for you to talk about your experience in State care and the impact this may have had on your life.  After your meeting, the Service can also arrange for support and assistance in your life now.

You can bring support people, however legal representation is not allowed.  If you choose, the meeting can be recorded, and a CD copy provided to you.

When you come to talk to us you will be treated with respect.  The panel will not criticise, or judge those it hears, and will be receptive and constructive.  The meetings are confidential.

The panel will listen and suggest ways of getting further help for you now.  The panel cannot pay compensation or make any legal findings.

We recognise that it may be difficult for you to talk about your past experiences, and so, where needed, counselling will be available as part of the support offered.

We are happy to explain in detail about what happens at the panel meeting so you can decide if taking part is a good idea for you. 


Further information

For more information refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page on this site or phone: 0800 356 567  
or  write to us at:
PO Box 5939, Lambton Quay, Wellington 6145